Boost is a mobile app for young adults that focuses on confidence and success, driven by the thinking that self-compassion, not self-esteem, is a healthier path to confidence and unlocking more personal and professional success. Through daily activities, quick boosts, and a journal for reflection, Boost is designed to slowly transition the user from thinking with self-esteem to thinking with self-compassion, allowing them to gain momentum and genuine confidence over time. The name “Boost” is polysemic, implying a boost in one’s confidence, in their success, and to their overall wellbeing. The content was written after four months of research into everything from confidence to posture to the reputation of today's young adults.

Visually, the goal was to maintain a relaxed, yet youthful feeling, which informed the use of teal and lime green, the creation of hand–drawn icons, and the hand-lettered logo, which was was custom-designed to carry the youthful and bright feeling of the rest of the app.

I also created a responsive promotional site for the app that explains the main elements of the app, the research that drives it, and showcases the features of the app. The promo site can be found here.

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